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Lead Poisoning

According to the CDCP, it is estimated that 1 out of every 10 children between the ages of one and five suffer from some form of lead poisoning. Small children are at greater risk to lead paint poisoning because their bodies are not fully developed and can easily absorb up to 50% of the lead compared to only 10% by adults. As children's brains and central nervous systems develop, swallowing a peeled lead paint chip or inhaling lead paint dust can cause irreversible damages that does not appear until many years after the exposure.

The kinds of injuries lead causes in children include:

In extreme cases of lead paint poisoning, seizure-like symptoms can occur including; major organ failure, comas, and even death. A blood test is the most reliable way to diagnose any form of lead poisoning.

Lead Paint Poisoning Can Have a Lifelong effect on Your Child

Lead poisoning can prevent your child from becoming a self-sufficient adult.
These injuries can have a lifelong effect on your child preventing him or her from realizing scholastic, vocational, and financial potential.

If you believe your child has demonstrated any learning disabilities, loss of cognition, or an unexplainably low IQ, you should consider that lead poisoning may have been a contributing factor to these problems. Contact an experienced New York lead paint poisoning attorney to discuss your situation and determine if you have a case.

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Our New York personal injury and accident lawyers have represented hundreds of young children throughout the United States. Our firm has successfully brought lead poisoning lawsuits against landlords and managing of residential property who have failed to maintain rental properties in a safe lead-free environment.
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