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Airbag Injury

Although the air bags installed in motor vehicles in the last couple of decades have been credited with saving countless lives, they have also been the cause of many injuries and even some fatalities. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries or a fatality due to a malfunctioning air bag, get the assistance you need by calling a New York airbag accident lawyer today.

In the event of a collision, the air bag (usually located in the steering wheel and dashboard) is meant to inflate and protect the driver and front passenger from hitting any hard surfaces. Faulty air bags may fail to deploy when they are most needed and at times will inflate for no reason at all. In both cases the outcome can be disastrous and injured parties may need the services of a New York airbag accident attorney.

Even when air bags function as they were designed, they may still cause injuries. As they discharge at more than 200 mph with over 1200 pounds of force, serious arm, hand, face, eye, head and brain injuries can occur. The following are some tips to help keep you and your passengers safe:

Children and small adult passengers should ride in the back seat where there are no air bags.
Use the air bag "off" control when smaller passengers are riding in front
Wear seatbelts at all times
Drivers and front passengers should keep their seats as far back as possible
Refrain from putting your arms out to brace yourself in an accident
Keep your hands on the sides or bottom of the steering wheel, never the top
Secure infants in a rear-facing car seat in the back seat and away from any air bags
For women and slightly built drivers, consider having your air bag "depowered" 25 to 30 percent

Go to www.cpsc.gov for information on auto air bag recalls

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