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Elevator Accidents

For many of us in New York, elevators are just a part of our daily routine. Whether you live in a multiple-story building, are going to the mall, or even going to a hotel or hospital, elevators will likely play a part in how you reach your destination. Most of us walk into elevators without considering the fact that it could be unsafe and we could fall victim to an elevator accident sustaining a serious personal injury. If this happens you should consult with an experienced New York elevator injury lawyer so we can evaluate your case.

Considering how frequently elevators are used and how much weight they lift on a daily basis, wear and tear on the mechanics and cables are inevitable. Business and property owners are required by law to have regular safety inspections to ensure that their elevators are secure. Property owners who fail to get these inspections, or elevator companies that fail to make accurate inspections can result in someone suffering an injury, making them liable for an injury and/or damages that occur as a result of the accident.

Here at the Law Offices of our New York Personal Injury and Accident Firm, our experienced New York elevator injury attorneys can provide you with the representation you deserve. Please contact our Yonkers office to set up a free consultation with a New York elevator injury lawyer. Having the right attorney on your side can make all the difference in your injury or accident case.

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